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welcome to my journal :] well, its les of a journal and more of a scrapbook.. thats what the + is for, if you were wondeing. this is the meat of this website: here you'll find gif collections, things i like, widgets, writing, art i dont want in the gallery, cool websites...maybe sum other stuff! take a look around! graphic heavy

G R A P H I C C O L L E C T I O N : kaylee

all graphics with my name in them :) preview:

I N T E R E S T : romantically apocalyptic

thoughts, feelings, musings, rants, and loveletters, all to the insane webcomic/graphic novel that is romac

T H O U G H T S : what is the intrinsic morality of humanity?

often we think about the goodness/badness of humanity as a whole. honestly, im not sure what the point of it is. if we find that mankind is good, so what? if we find that mankind is naturally bad, what then? do we all hold hands and jump off bridges because the thought of moral corruption as an innate part of ourselves is too much to bear? do we all become victim to self-fulfilling prophecies? i don't know how anybody's measuring this either, there really isn't a way to quantify morality in any objective way. i don't know. its just a strange thing to think about. i like to think that people are good, whatever that means.

G R A P H I C C O L L E C T I O N: crystal balls

i luv these things!!!!! idk why..theyre my fav objects of all time :] preview: